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Waivers need to be signed by all parents/caregivers prior to participation. Please Click on the button below to read and sign the waiver.

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Flyin BinFlyin Bin
05:07 23 Jul 24
Amazing Fun for all ages, family had a ball!
Kesha Milera LongKesha Milera Long
22:35 21 Jul 24
Fantastic waterpark! We’ve been here a couple times and most recently (yesterday!) was awesome! The staff were friendly and the park itself is so much fun, I think myself and my husband had more fun than the kids! We will be back again within our long stay here in the GC.
Adrian ZandbergAdrian Zandberg
05:12 19 Jul 24
Good price and worth the visit, next to a great park for kids too
Elijah BoyceElijah Boyce
02:26 19 Jul 24
Awesome would recommend
Zonikyo MainZonikyo Main
02:11 19 Jul 24
It is very fun will recommend.
Alison BoyceAlison Boyce
02:07 19 Jul 24
We had a fun time here. After the last review saying that it was a bit dry on the slides I just was careful to make sure I wet my legs with the hose at the top and directed the hose where I was sliding and it was all good.
Chad BastickChad Bastick
01:50 18 Jul 24
It is fun and good for the family &/or friends but I can’t leave a five star review for (a free drink) at an aqua park that leaves you with a rash that hurts for hours because there’s to many dry patches and to much sand on some of the slides.
ryan odwyerryan odwyer
01:44 18 Jul 24
Awesome fun.
Jess O'DwyerJess O'Dwyer
01:33 18 Jul 24
Will HattyWill Hatty
06:02 15 Jul 24
Kate NKate N
06:01 15 Jul 24
Jaydon ChaiJaydon Chai
06:01 15 Jul 24
Great fun anytime
Ka Kin MaKa Kin Ma
05:15 15 Jul 24
Fung Yee LeeFung Yee Lee
05:15 15 Jul 24
Great place to visit
Nisha GopinathNisha Gopinath
06:29 14 Jul 24
Amanda BiffinAmanda Biffin
02:00 14 Jul 24
Neil BiffinNeil Biffin
01:59 14 Jul 24
David PittDavid Pitt
04:11 12 Jul 24
Awesome place
Hannah MorsiHannah Morsi
03:45 12 Jul 24
Great experience! Lots of fun 🙂
Vikki SoniVikki Soni
02:13 12 Jul 24
Amazing fun! My son absolutely loved it
Alby EdgelowAlby Edgelow
03:18 10 Jul 24
Good fun
09:59 09 Jul 24
Love sitting at the barrel Cafe for my Campo coffee ☕ watching the Aqua Park activities is so entertaining
Anisa MoghaddamAnisa Moghaddam
05:14 09 Jul 24
We came here 2 years ago and couldn’t wait to return for the kids to do this again.
Eric SekkouahEric Sekkouah
05:14 09 Jul 24
One of the most fun experiences for both kids and adulants. Lots of laughter. We were pretty excited to come back to do this with the kids
James GoodallJames Goodall
04:03 08 Jul 24
Great and really fun.
Belinda RotsteinBelinda Rotstein
06:58 07 Jul 24
Awesome time. Had the best fun... a must do....
03:46 05 Jul 24
Fun and very good experience
Jessica TsiakisJessica Tsiakis
03:46 05 Jul 24
very good and fun
sienna martlesienna martle
02:47 05 Jul 24
Emily RamosCowanEmily RamosCowan
02:47 05 Jul 24
A MitchoA Mitcho
06:04 02 Jul 24
This is a great place to have fun come now
Rachael MitchellRachael Mitchell
06:03 02 Jul 24
AMAZING go here now
Kate TKate T
08:12 01 Jul 24
Best day trip for kids - ultimate fun for children and parents alike - the blow up slides are so much fun, fantastic value - convenient location - our favourite thing to do on a weekend - there is a also a great public playground adjacent which is great for play and picnics it makes the whole day even better - we highly recommend.
Abhiveer SinghAbhiveer Singh
07:04 30 Jun 24
Loved it. Best water based activities.
Zak WestZak West
00:53 28 Jun 24
Really good service and lots of fun it’s like a dream come true
04:57 26 Jun 24
Abhijot SidhuAbhijot Sidhu
03:00 26 Jun 24
Fun place good for summer
Raghubir sidhuRaghubir sidhu
02:57 26 Jun 24
It was fun
Sarah LEESarah LEE
00:05 26 Jun 24
Had sm fun love it need to do it again
Henry PorterHenry Porter
03:17 23 Jun 24
Would recommend had a goated time
03:17 23 Jun 24
Great place, good fun when you bring family and or friends. Can make your own games when on the course!
Summer OakenfullSummer Oakenfull
03:17 23 Jun 24
Would highly recommend 👍
I’m WiloI’m Wilo
03:17 23 Jun 24
Madison TubbyMadison Tubby
02:41 21 Jun 24
Hamish RobinsonHamish Robinson
01:54 19 Jun 24
Moochy JDogMoochy JDog
04:12 16 Jun 24
Place was fun and worth the money
Diezel HallDiezel Hall
03:01 16 Jun 24
A very fun place and worth the cheap pricce
Bailey BaxterBailey Baxter
03:00 16 Jun 24
Very fun, worthwhile and great price
Charlie ShaughnessyCharlie Shaughnessy
03:33 15 Jun 24
Absolutely amazing, staff are fantastic. Special shout out to Jamie the legend.
Luke SaragozzaLuke Saragozza
03:03 15 Jun 24
Excellent couple of hours with the 3 boys. Will be back
Awesome fun day out. Lovely kind staff very accessible
11:20 13 Jun 24
Awesome!!! Had the BEST morning, the new jumbo slide is soooo good!Update: We were back this year for our son's birthday and booked the party package. He had such an awesome time, so did all his friends and the big kids too. The staff were very attentive to all our needs and helped to ensure the morning went smoothly and was lots of fun. Having use of the shelter, tables and access to a fridge was very handy. Thank you so much!
Ben MaxaBen Maxa
04:48 12 Jun 24
Had the best time with mate
Tyson SpaldingTyson Spalding
04:47 12 Jun 24
Really fun!!! Loved it! Cheap and easy
Ellie MartinEllie Martin
09:14 10 Jun 24
Kids had an awesome time. Great set up
06:05 10 Jun 24
Love it definitely recommend it
05:04 10 Jun 24
Anna AllisonAnna Allison
04:40 10 Jun 24
The best place ever
Tisya poddarTisya poddar
04:12 10 Jun 24
Greg YoungGreg Young
09:41 09 Jun 24
Great waterpark, but it would be busy in summer
Honor HugoHonor Hugo
01:29 08 Jun 24
Awesome thanks
Gary BoormakinGary Boormakin
00:22 08 Jun 24
Great venue for all Family and Friends , Lotsa Fun .Perfect location in the heart of Broadwater Parklands Southport Gold Coast . Plenty helpful friendly staff. Public Transport Nearby Light Rail and Buses. Paid Parking in Park.Well Worth a Visit. Sportsmbcom GC.
Stamatios DrakosStamatios Drakos
07:55 05 Jun 24
Family FunFamily Fun
06:33 01 Jun 24
Great fun, friendly staff, value for money 👍
zayd alameddinezayd alameddine
06:15 31 May 24
Rebecca AlameddineRebecca Alameddine
06:05 31 May 24
Best fun ever
Kinsley Tate WhiteKinsley Tate White
03:38 29 May 24
Milla BennettMilla Bennett
03:37 29 May 24
Adam BruceAdam Bruce
05:32 27 May 24
Lucas IvkovicLucas Ivkovic
01:57 27 May 24
So much fun
Had the BEST Time! A must!
Aydan MusicAydan Music
01:56 27 May 24
Nice workers
Mert ErgecMert Ergec
01:56 27 May 24
Me and my fellas loved it 🔒
Bronwyn DarbyBronwyn Darby
23:23 26 May 24
A fun morning with everyone from Fitness Compound. The staff were great, it was a really easy process to get us all organised. Highly recommend a private group session. Great team builder!
23:12 26 May 24
Fun time with the family
Rebecca MacCombieRebecca MacCombie
02:12 26 May 24
Great fun. The ‘big kids’ enjoyed themselves just as much !
Brooke JuracicBrooke Juracic
00:10 26 May 24
Always a good time doe at the GC Aqua park. Had to best time celebrating fitness compound and team building with fun and water!
Dwayne JuracicDwayne Juracic
00:09 26 May 24
Great Location 🙂
Michael HindmarchMichael Hindmarch
00:07 26 May 24
Great time with friends. staff friendly aswell
Phil HillPhil Hill
00:07 26 May 24
Great fun morning for all ages, highly recommend
posey willockposey willock
00:06 26 May 24
Amy CaraAmy Cara
05:00 23 May 24
So much fun and great price. I will always come back
Keira PoppyKeira Poppy
04:58 23 May 24
This is really good fun and I will definitely be back!
Connor LoganConnor Logan
04:57 23 May 24
Erin MayErin May
04:55 23 May 24
really good
Rob LinfordRob Linford
02:48 23 May 24
Kids and I had a great time!
Tandrima GuhaTandrima Guha
04:27 22 May 24
A Must Visit place
04:26 22 May 24
Must visit... amazing fun filled task oriented water park
F45 Training AshmoreF45 Training Ashmore
23:30 19 May 24
We just took a group of our members down to GC Aqua Park over the weekend.. and mannnn, did we have a great time! The overwhelming response from the group was how much fun they had. Such an awesome team building experience. We had such a great time. HIGHLY recommend! Go be a kid for an hour, you'll be surprised how much fun it is!
Vanessa KayVanessa Kay
05:59 19 May 24
Jack StrattonJack Stratton
03:40 19 May 24
Jody BrainJody Brain
01:39 19 May 24
Staff offering a free coffee for 5 star reviews. Turns out they change their mind when you leave said review. Staff were rude a d snappy. If you're running a 5 star promotion to increase your rating, maybe offer at least decent service while running said promotion.You've just lost 3 customers from ever returning.
01:25 19 May 24
Ethan SmithEthan Smith
03:50 18 May 24
good fun
Max CarrMax Carr
03:49 18 May 24
One of the best places in the Gold Coast to spend with friends and family. Experienced and friendly workers that are always willing to provide the best service for customers.
Lachlan OgleLachlan Ogle
03:48 18 May 24
Very engaging and entertaining
Dennis FennDennis Fenn
03:46 18 May 24
Paul ConyersPaul Conyers
02:48 18 May 24
Really helpful staff and a great place for the kids to spend an afternoon
Brie MyersBrie Myers
02:02 15 May 24
Fantastic way to spend a few hours with the family. A great laugh and enjoyable atmosphere. Staff are great.
kyel darbykyel darby
03:41 14 May 24
Sheetal ThakkarSheetal Thakkar
02:27 14 May 24
Deeya ThakkarDeeya Thakkar
02:26 14 May 24
Ansh ThakkarAnsh Thakkar
02:26 14 May 24
Kamlesh ThakkarKamlesh Thakkar
02:25 14 May 24
Denise RopihaDenise Ropiha
00:49 12 May 24
Heidi MadsenHeidi Madsen
05:12 11 May 24
Loved it! The kids had a ball! Totally amazing
Ildephonse NorbertIldephonse Norbert
10:49 08 May 24
Unfortunately, my experience at GC Aqua Park was highly disappointing and concerning. The water was visibly dirty, and I encountered debris and tools scattered across the floor, indicating a lack of proper safety measures. Worse still, I sustained a foot injury due to an old tool near the children's castle area. Shockingly, when seeking first aid, I was directed to rinse my wound in salt water due to a shortage of clean water—an unacceptable practice, especially for a venue frequented by families and children. Furthermore, the waiver I signed seemed to absolve the park of any responsibility, despite the evident risks present. Given these serious safety and cleanliness issues, I cannot in good conscience recommend GC Aqua Park, particularly for families with children. Management must prioritize immediate improvements to ensure the safety and well-being of all visitors.
Marc van TulderMarc van Tulder
04:44 08 May 24
Bring your top shelf energy game, you’re going to need it for this full on fun time. Highly recommended to tucker the little ones out.
Emilia PereiraEmilia Pereira
05:00 07 May 24
Best day out ever for my kids! So much fun for my kids! It was lovely to sit and watch them have so much fun.
Fay ChandlerFay Chandler
04:16 06 May 24
Ben AireyBen Airey
01:27 06 May 24
Super cool waterpark. Great location
Isabelle BannisterIsabelle Bannister
01:26 06 May 24
you guys are so fire loved it 10/10 💗💗💗💗💗🔥🔥🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Reeve DooneyReeve Dooney
01:26 06 May 24
Great place
Luke petersonLuke peterson
01:18 06 May 24
Lucy EvansLucy Evans
01:06 06 May 24
Loved it 10/10
Prabhjot SinghPrabhjot Singh
23:58 05 May 24
Grant KornyGrant Korny
08:33 05 May 24
Jake HobdenJake Hobden
07:04 05 May 24
Taj CollingsTaj Collings
07:02 05 May 24
Burnout YouderBurnout Youder
01:11 03 May 24
Andree SenjayaAndree Senjaya
03:14 02 May 24
Verina SularsoVerina Sularso
03:12 02 May 24
It is the best adrenaline water park
elishav websterelishav webster
03:04 02 May 24
alicia muñozalicia muñoz
13:01 01 May 24
10:13 01 May 24
Dom CooreyDom Coorey
08:11 01 May 24
Kylie LenihanKylie Lenihan
08:10 01 May 24
Awesome place lots of fun
Luke PearceLuke Pearce
03:35 01 May 24
Kids loved it!
Andy LeungAndy Leung
11:43 30 Apr 24
Where is a great place to hang out with kids older than 7 years.
kalle teikarikalle teikari
04:11 30 Apr 24
Milja KivekäsMilja Kivekäs
04:11 30 Apr 24
Jodie JonesJodie Jones
01:54 30 Apr 24
Had lots of fun and was really easy
Kathleen RichesKathleen Riches
01:49 30 Apr 24
Uriah AndersenUriah Andersen
19:57 28 Apr 24
Kids had a blast
Aston WhartonAston Wharton
05:06 28 Apr 24
This place is friggen awesome my guys. Best day of my life? Probably
Demi PriceDemi Price
05:05 28 Apr 24
Such a fun place !!!
Ebanie DjokicEbanie Djokic
05:05 28 Apr 24
Brooke I'AnsonBrooke I'Anson
05:05 28 Apr 24
Funniest thing of my life, best day ever!!
Luca GuglielminLuca Guglielmin
06:07 27 Apr 24
absolutely amazing way to end my week holiday in the gold coast!! so much fun would 100% recommend
Gianni GuglielminGianni Guglielmin
05:56 27 Apr 24
Kiana HareKiana Hare
05:50 27 Apr 24
levi thatcherlevi thatcher
07:59 26 Apr 24
Bonnie MatehaereBonnie Matehaere
06:54 26 Apr 24
Great way to keep kids entertained and good value for money
05:08 26 Apr 24
Great fun had a good time come again!
Justine & Rob HarrisJustine & Rob Harris
03:24 26 Apr 24
Lee McCarthyLee McCarthy
01:35 26 Apr 24
Fantastic day, the slides are great!
Chiyo HuntChiyo Hunt
12:06 25 Apr 24
Jason DigbyJason Digby
11:32 25 Apr 24
Cannot recommend this place highly enough. Friendly staff ready to help in any way. Great value for money. Will be back again !
07:08 25 Apr 24
Anthony WattsAnthony Watts
06:53 25 Apr 24
Kids loved it; and great exercise for them
Nikki WilliamsNikki Williams
04:16 24 Apr 24
Kids had a ball, customer service was friendly and professional. For the price and time of 100 minutes it is very great value!
Iris ElizaIris Eliza
01:59 24 Apr 24
We had an amazing time here as adults 🥰
Cassandra CameronCassandra Cameron
01:14 24 Apr 24
wendy RAMSEYwendy RAMSEY
23:30 23 Apr 24
Great fun for all ages.The kids love it .Well set out also has food and drinks available
singh 72singh 72
03:52 23 Apr 24
Had a blast, felt like a kid again lol
Charlie HercusCharlie Hercus
02:05 23 Apr 24
Stuart StafferStuart Staffer
20:25 22 Apr 24
Bradley StorrieBradley Storrie
01:56 22 Apr 24
Had an absolute blast and would love to go again.
Monica ParkinsonMonica Parkinson
05:06 21 Apr 24
Very good will be coming back here again
Oli WatsonOli Watson
05:03 21 Apr 24
Very good we will be back here again
Wilf ConeyWilf Coney
04:59 21 Apr 24
This Aqua Park was amazing and so fun perfect for all my siblings and cousins, definitely coming back here again.
Orlando GroganOrlando Grogan
04:59 21 Apr 24
This inflatable Aqua park was very fun and I would like to go back here and spend another day with my friends.
Fitzys ToowoombaFitzys Toowoomba
02:10 21 Apr 24
Well this was lots of fun! A great way to tire out the whole family. It was safe, wellorganized & an all round enjoyable morning. So much better than a theme park! No line ups, good exercise, lots of fun in the sun!
Sienna YoungSienna Young
09:05 20 Apr 24
Gamer BoyGamer Boy
06:06 20 Apr 24
Really friendly staff and made it a fun experience for my family and was a fun activity nonetheless.
Renee PrattRenee Pratt
03:12 20 Apr 24
Kerri DavidsonKerri Davidson
01:23 20 Apr 24
My grandsons, aged 10, had a ball yesterday expending non stop energy. Very safe and well-guarded by the life savers.
23:56 19 Apr 24
So good and valuable!!!
Deven BhandariDeven Bhandari
05:13 19 Apr 24
Damaris SpataDamaris Spata
05:11 19 Apr 24
GC Aqua Park is definitely an activity for the whole family. It’s not difficult to do it so everyone can have fun.We are definitely going back again.
Siena LawsonSiena Lawson
23:38 18 Apr 24
cassie 赵 (花小茉)cassie 赵 (花小茉)
21:25 18 Apr 24
It's worth a visit. It's a special experience. Parents and children can also play together. There is a park next to it and it's very convenient to eat in the shopping mall opposite. The sunset is very beautiful.
Kylie DochertyKylie Docherty
11:57 18 Apr 24
We visited from Sydney and my kids (8 and 6) had the most amazing time! As did myself and my husband. So much fun and we felt safe the whole time
Marcus SquiresMarcus Squires
08:55 18 Apr 24
Great fun family activity
This water park is top-notch! It offers a great variety of exciting, excellent safety measures, and is perfect for families. Highly recommended for a fun day out!
Chontel JonesChontel Jones
03:00 17 Apr 24
Excellent activity for the whole family
Daniel WijekoonDaniel Wijekoon
02:50 17 Apr 24
Awesome spot.
Had a great time 👍
Ellie BrownEllie Brown
02:08 17 Apr 24
Great fun! Good value for money
Georgia HurleyGeorgia Hurley
01:59 17 Apr 24
Really good fun for all ages! And good prices
Buckskin PonyBuckskin Pony
04:48 16 Apr 24
Great aqua park to keep the kids occupied.
Gail RaeGail Rae
05:43 15 Apr 24
Great experience for all ages.
Fabio WongFabio Wong
04:05 15 Apr 24
It was really fun and worth broken finger
Nick WongNick Wong
04:04 15 Apr 24
Great fun for the kids! Book online for family pack.
Sunny ManSunny Man
04:02 15 Apr 24
Fantastic attraction for any visitors to the Gold Coast.
Bailey DanielsonBailey Danielson
02:19 15 Apr 24
gangsta spot and free can of drink
cheylyn moffattcheylyn moffatt
01:04 15 Apr 24
A great family day out!
michelle gardnermichelle gardner
11:03 14 Apr 24
Great and fun day out for everyone
Jasmine SandebergJasmine Sandeberg
06:57 14 Apr 24
We had a great day! Thankyou so much!Only thing that wasn’t pleasant was some little kids being cheeky and throwing sand on the obstacles so when you went to go on the obstacles it felt like razor blades with the sand on it.
Melissa KirbyMelissa Kirby
06:47 14 Apr 24
We held our son’s 13th birthday party at GC Aqua Park and it was fabulous. All the kids had a great time, the facilities were amazing and it was a very organised set up. We will definitely return.
Penny FordPenny Ford
04:09 14 Apr 24
We had the best time
Phil AndersonPhil Anderson
23:04 13 Apr 24
So much fun for all the family
Zainab RasuliZainab Rasuli
12:51 13 Apr 24
Eliza NichollsEliza Nicholls
10:07 13 Apr 24
Andrew WoolmanAndrew Woolman
08:37 13 Apr 24
We did the 50 minute session starting at 4pm and had a ball. Wasn't to crowded. Unfortunately it was low tide so some of the amusements were closed, but still plenty to do. Good value.
Konstantin KvashninKonstantin Kvashnin
06:04 13 Apr 24
Great watersport experience for moderate price! Had two sessions in a row, were really tired, but happy.Sessions start at the beginning of each hour and last for 50 minutes.You need to fill a waiver for each participant before you can buy tickets. Adults do for themselves. One can also add all dependents in bulk after they completed theirs. We haven't observed any limitations in numbers of people participating in one session, though they might be in place. In our go there were around 50 persons.
Michael IngramMichael Ingram
20:41 12 Apr 24
Great fun for the kids and me. Checkin and safety talk was fast and then its was straight into park and water. Will definitely be going back.
Ronnie HahnRonnie Hahn
08:30 12 Apr 24
My grandson had a fabulous time at the AquaPark, looking to hold his birthday party there with all his friends.Yeah what a great experience in our backyard
Cara KorhonenCara Korhonen
07:15 12 Apr 24
Loveeeee it
Jaya LounganiJaya Loungani
06:58 12 Apr 24
We had lots of fun it's great for families and we will come for more fun!!
Jess BeckJess Beck
06:56 12 Apr 24
So fun for the kids!
Liam PateLiam Pate
23:17 11 Apr 24
Good fun
Shay WagnerShay Wagner
09:39 11 Apr 24
Excellent fun time for kids and adults
Dee EltzeDee Eltze
01:43 11 Apr 24
Lots of fun for the kids and perfect location!
Jaxon FordJaxon Ford
01:02 11 Apr 24
Very much enjoyed my time at the park
Charles ReesCharles Rees
06:31 10 Apr 24
My Grandchildren had an exciting time.There were lots of kids their age .They found it challenging.Having lots of fun they would like to return soon.
Melissa BartlettMelissa Bartlett
04:01 10 Apr 24
So much fun! Great value for money
Xavier CookXavier Cook
02:09 10 Apr 24
I loved it with all my mates on the slides
Roland WilkinsonRoland Wilkinson
02:06 10 Apr 24
Great fun and great lifegards
Margaret PypersMargaret Pypers
20:18 09 Apr 24
I visited with my two grandchildren they absolutely had a ball, the time allowed was perfect it was affordable and the coffee was great, kiosk girl was lovelySafety was great with life savers overseeing everything and not much like this experience where l come from.I loved the ‘buddy’ system it was great for safety.It was difficult to park though and the life vests provided were too. Small but I’m sure if we went back and asked we could have changed them for the right size the kids were in a hurry to start the activity.I’ll be visiting again thanks 😊
valantena shashavalantena shasha
07:07 09 Apr 24
Had a lot of fun
Albert ShaboAlbert Shabo
07:02 09 Apr 24
Friendly staff, fun times
Nicolas EshaqNicolas Eshaq
06:59 09 Apr 24
The best place to have fun with ur friends
fan sitongfan sitong
05:05 09 Apr 24
My boys really love this place. It was so fun! We definitely will go there again
07:30 08 Apr 24
Do not use Groupon. They lied. I paid over $60 for tickets for my kids. We are travelling from far north Qld and wanted to spoil them. The voucher codes from Groupon don't even work they lied. Don't waste your money. Rip off, fraud.
Ben IngletonBen Ingleton
05:03 08 Apr 24
Jesse IngletonJesse Ingleton
05:02 08 Apr 24
Thomas SmithThomas Smith
05:02 08 Apr 24
Rory ScurrahRory Scurrah
05:02 08 Apr 24
Kristina WardKristina Ward
02:17 07 Apr 24
Back for a 2nd time. Kids had a blast!
Toby ShetaToby Sheta
01:41 07 Apr 24
Fun, challenging and good value for money
Zig ZagZig Zag
12:45 06 Apr 24
Lots of fun had by all the kids. A must do if you're at the Gold Coast.
Ved KhadyeVed Khadye
06:22 06 Apr 24
Excellent experience
Shalaka WahegaonkarShalaka Wahegaonkar
06:21 06 Apr 24
Ashutosh WahegaonkarAshutosh Wahegaonkar
06:12 06 Apr 24
Great place for kids to have fun
03:13 06 Apr 24
Nice location, nice Aquapark 🙂
Emily HallEmily Hall
01:12 06 Apr 24
Really fun activity, we have been multiple times and the kids love it!
Ranu BansalRanu Bansal
22:20 05 Apr 24
Best experience!!
Adriana AskandarAdriana Askandar
05:57 05 Apr 24
So fun really enjoyable have heaps of time to go through the course!
James HarperJames Harper
05:05 05 Apr 24
Great time!
Nathan WetzelNathan Wetzel
01:13 05 Apr 24
We brought a large group of kids and they were very accommodating.
Noah HoffmannNoah Hoffmann
01:01 05 Apr 24
I had so much fun hanging out at aqua park, brought me a lot of joy!!
Ajit RautelaAjit Rautela
10:22 04 Apr 24
Kids loved to play in the GC Aqua Park. Fun but strenuous. One needs to have certain level of stamina and fitness to be able to play in the park.
Geoffroy JonckheereGeoffroy Jonckheere
10:22 04 Apr 24
Perfect activity on the Gold Coast for family. Our kids are 5 & 6 and had a really good time. Book 2 hours. Not to busy Even during Easter holiday. Must do on the Gold Coast.
Owen KemballOwen Kemball
04:05 04 Apr 24
Awesome fun
Karen PahlKaren Pahl
00:53 04 Apr 24
My kids who are 11 and 13 years old loved the aqua park. A nice little cafe if you want to get a snack or coffee and nice views across the water.
Casharell KraanCasharell Kraan
00:50 04 Apr 24
So fun, definitely recommend
Amy Zhang BeautyAmy Zhang Beauty
09:54 03 Apr 24
It’s a great activity for kids who love water activities. My two kids loved so much. Definitely will go back again.
Laura JansenLaura Jansen
09:45 03 Apr 24
Had a great time kids will definitely do again 😁
09:43 03 Apr 24
The water facilities and location are good. However, the shower facility only has an outdoor showerhead and there is no separate bathroom, so it is very inconvenient that the entire person has to wait for a 3-room public restroom in front of them. Despite being a commercial facility, it is inferior to public facilities, so I don't think I will visit again.
Vicki BjerringVicki Bjerring
01:12 03 Apr 24
Great fun! Kids loved it, a great size with many different obstacles. 1.5 hours wasn't even enough, we'll come for longer next time!
Marie AndreaMarie Andrea
23:52 02 Apr 24
The kids had a great time, the obstacles varied in different skill level and it was good to see the lifeguards actively supervising behaviour. Remember to pack your lunch as the food options are limited.
Sharee BartramSharee Bartram
04:40 02 Apr 24
Great day of fun
Tamara RodriguezTamara Rodriguez
03:58 02 Apr 24
The kids had an amazing time.
Brad PortlandBrad Portland
03:53 02 Apr 24
Amanda McNamaraAmanda McNamara
01:04 02 Apr 24
Fantastic place, the kids had a ball and didn't want to leave. Value for money with a great spot and facilities for Families to sit, watch and enjoy light snacks and drinks.. we will be back again and again.
Jo WarwickJo Warwick
21:52 01 Apr 24
A great family activity.
Fionn WoodsFionn Woods
10:38 01 Apr 24
Anthea DareAnthea Dare
09:36 01 Apr 24
astyn reevesastyn reeves
09:32 01 Apr 24
Hi my name is Astyn a son of Letetia reeves yesterday me and my family had a great time playing on the obstacles and the water I would 100% recommend coming here it’s cheap life guards around to keep you safe and a lot of fun to have with your family (can we have our money now?)