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Join us for the Inclusion Sessions at GC Aqua Park – Southport! 🌊🏄‍♀️

Inclusion Sessions is a 10-week program designed specifically for individuals with adaptive needs. Join us to enjoy socializing with others who share your interests in a fun and secure setting.

This is a FREE event.

Since this event is provided free of charge to our friends with disabilities, any support, regardless of its size, would be highly valued to help sustain this program.

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✅ Inclusion Sessions start 10th October. Event runs every Wednesday from 11 AM – 1 PM.

✅ Anybody who comes needs to bring a Carer. There will be no charge. This will be two hours of fully supervised fun exclusive time for adaptive individuals.

Inclusion Sessions is a 10-week challenge exclusively for adaptive individuals. Hang out and have fun with like-minded people in a safe environment.

Bring your mates and enjoy the following activities:

🔸Swimming Lessons
🔸Paddle Boarding
🔸 and more!


✅ Any Disability is welcome, whether you’re experienced in the water or have never tried it before. Join us for a great time with our dedicated and skilled staff.

See you there! 🤘

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater for people with a disability?

Yes GC Aqua Park caters for people with disabilities. We have a water wheelies chair available for use. We also have beach matting located at the entrance pathways to the undercover areas & café. GC Aqua Park is completely accessibly to anyone with a disability. If you would like to discuss or plan your trip to our venue further please contact us on 07 5522 8222 to speak with a manager.

Can a carer accompany or be accommodated in the activity to provide support where needed / Are companion cards accepted?

Yes, we offer all companions free activities.

Is there viewing platform(s) and where are they located?

Yes. Patrons can watch on from our seated undercover area that is wheelchair accessible.

How many guests/carers can be accommodated beside a wheelchair seat/bay?

As many as needed

Is our venue accessible for Deaf/Hard of Hearing patrons?

Deaf/ Hard of Hearing patrons are welcome at GC Aqua Park when accompanied by a carer. They may partake in the activity with the help of a carer.

Is our venue accessible for Blind/Low Vision patrons?

Blind and Low Vision Patrons are welcome at GC Aqua Park when accompanied by a carer. They may partake in the activity by floating in the water with a lifejacket on or in our water wheelies seat with the help of their carer and our staff.

Are all gender accessible bathrooms available?

Yes, Public restrooms are located directly behind our venue in the parklands

Does the venue have ‘Changing Places’ facilities or is there one near?

Please see the link to locate the nearest “Changing Place” in the Broadwater Parklands.

How many accessible car parks are there on site?

There is 1 wheelchair accessible carpark located directly behind our venue on the main road of Marine Parade. The Broadwater Parklands also offers plenty more accessible parking locations with pathways directly into our venue.

Is there a sensory room/chill out space available for visitors to use?

We do have an onsite air conditioned first aid room that can be used as a chill out space by any patrons at anytime if needed.

Is there a dedicated accessibility staff member I can contact?

You may contact our manager directly on 07 5522 8222 or to plan your trip.


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